Ultra Horn TP-5-24


UltraHornTM TP Antennas feature our industry changing TwistPortTM connector, a patent pending quicklocking waveguide port. There are no coaxial RF connectors or RF cables anymore that makes TwistPortTM virtually lossless connector.
Connection of radio is brilliantly simple – “twist and lock” – all done with one hand!

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UltraHornTM TP antennas come with a surprisingly high gain: 24 dBi for UH-TP-5-24. In combination with narrow beamwidths and no side lobes, UltraHornTM TP antennas bring amazing performance even when compared to higher gain competitive products.

All UltraHorn™ TP Antennas are equipped with a unique TwistPort™, our patent-pending wave guide connector. TwistPort™ connectors are virtually lossless and a revolutionary leap forward in wireless system scalability and convenience of deployment. UltraHorn™ TP Antennas support a wide range of third party radios from mainstream vendors with our TwistPort™ Adaptors.