IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 LW Dualband Omni


The IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 LW Dualband Omni is a Cloud-Enabled Outdoor 60 + 5 + 2.4GHz PTP/PTMP. IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 60 LW changes the economics of low-cost 60GHz PTP and PTMP connections. With a 60GHz range of up to 250m (0.16mi) as well as built-in 5GHz failover, it can provide reliable high throughput in the harshest conditions. It also has the advantage of being license-free in most markets, allowing ultra-fast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands.


The MetroLinq 60 LW also includes a third 2.4 GHz radio which can be configured a multi-tenant AP for applications ranging from hotspots to maintenance and many more. The LW is available in 2 different variants – one in which the 5GHz radio is connected to a directional antenna for backup purposes (ML-60-LW-US) and another where it is connected to a omni for access purposes (ML-60-LW-DO-US).

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