IgniteNet MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni Base Station

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IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 10G Tri-band Omni is a Cloud-Enabled Outdoor base-station and is a concurrent Enterprise Omni AP with integrated antenna and 10G SPF+. The Metrolinq Tri Band Base Station . is the world’s first cost-effective 60GHz + 5GHz + 2.4GHz PTMP enabling high performance, interference-free connections worldwide up to 10Gbps. With a total OTA capacity of 16.4Gbps, the MetroLinq 10G is the first AP capable of providing fiber-like connections to many clients simultaneously. It also has an added advantage of being license-free in most markets, allowing ultrafast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands. The MetroLinq 10G also includes both 2.4 & 5GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 radios which can be used to provide access in harder to reach nLOS applications ranging from hotspots to fixed broadband and many more.


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The IgniteNet MetroLinq 10G offers unprecedented performance – combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with no interference! The MetroLinq 10G includes both additional 2.4 & 5GHz radios which can to provide both supplemental connectivity to hard to reach places as well as carrier offload, hotspot, and mobile roaming capabilities. The MetroLinq 10G can operate either as a stand-alone device or as a coordinated, cloud-managed device, easily meeting the requirements of any installation. The MetroLinq™ 10G features a hybrid metal/plastic design built to withstand the harshest environments including precipitation, hot/cold weather and high/ low humidities.

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